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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Earth Zombie

Someone must have let Philippe eat sugar last night because he woke me up with that JAYMAR piano about five hundred times. The first time was around 3am, he was playing chopsticks and doing that thing where at the end he jumps up and knocks the stool over. I figured he'd just do it once but around the fifth time I threw off the duvet and went and told him to cut it out. Ten minutes later I was awakened by him playing it more softly, and the noise of the stool falling had been dampened somewhat. I went in to see that he'd put a dishtowel over the keys and a couch cushion behind the stool. A bit impatiently I told him I was going to hit the thing with a sledgehammer if he didn't stop playing.

Maybe an hour later I shot up with a start when he started banging on it full strength. I went in prepared to tie him to the dinner table, only to find that it was Lyle back from a night on the town. So for now I'm groggy, the JAYMAR is put away in the garage rafters, and Philippe is looking all around the house for his piano. I'll tell him where it is in a day or two.