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Friday, September 02, 2005

Whoops! "Facto."

Apparently my friend is going to wear Achewood apparel on his Bravo TV show on the 9th, and not this evening (the 2nd). If you did watch the show this evening, you at least got a chance to see a candid shot of George Wendt sitting on a park bench holding what looked like a bottle of booze in one of those four-dollar grocery store "wine gift bags." You know the dude has more class than to swill from brown paper. He dropped $29 on a bottle of Rombauer Cabernet, and another $4 to keep the police off he azz.

This could very well be the early markings of a celebrity trend: publicly swilling top-shelf booze out of overpriced "wine gift bags" instead of paper bags. If, in the early hours of some coming weekday morning, you see news footage of Matthew McConaughey slugging Tanqueray Ten out of a shiny velvet-handled bag that says "Jazz!" and has pictures of champagne bottles popping their corks, you know that either (a) he reads this page, or (b) the complex permutations of celebrity pastimes have simply made it seem as such.