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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My friend is going to wear Achewood t-shirts on television.

Hey, before you read the rest of this blog entry, could you please go to this AOL/Bravo voting page and click to vote on "Stephen's Life"? It's only one of two choices. Thanks. This will just take a second, and will pop up in a new window which you can quickly close and not get involved.

Long story short, my old chums Dave and Andrew competed on Situation: Comedy, a "reality show" about producing a television pilot. Through the magic of television, Dave and Andrew stand to win $50,000 if their show, "Stephen's Life," wins the audience vote. Because that's how great works of art and comedy are made, right? By unaccountable committees numbering in the millions? Anyhow, Dave and Andrew have pledged that if I ask the seventeen people and sixty-five hundred web-indexing spiders that follow my blog to click on Stephen's Life, they will buy me some egg rolls if I ever see them again.

I thank you for your time, and your click, and your willingness to, like the rest of the world, toss aside your integrity for a moment when it comes to helping friends win money on television.

We're friends now,
Chris Onstad

PS: Watch them wear Achewood apparel on Bravo, 6pm, Friday September 2nd, and then again on the 9th when the winner is announced. If you want to, that is. Personally, I have karate practice at my "dojo" on those evenings.