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Monday, August 22, 2005

The day's work is done.

Time to lean back in the old upholstered computer chair and flip the top off an ice-cold pilsner. The comic strip has been uploaded, the books have been signed, the tot is snoozing away in her crib, and this week's installment of Tony Bourdain's new travelogue has been carefully watched. This evening Tony ate a three-foot horse cock and took a ride on a boat. The man's got style.

Tony Bourdain's various travel shows can be fairly characterized by the following standard conventions:

1) Tony will go to a third-world nation and drink their local moonshine out of used plastic soda bottles,

2) Tony will work in a lot of tough-guy references to war movies or Viet Nam,

3) Tony will eat something's cock or face.

Usually the cock or face is nicely braised and served in a delicious sauce, but I thought it worth mentioning. One rarely gets the opportunity to eat cocks and faces, so I suppose that as an adventurous gastronome he is holding a pretty lucky ticket. Today I had a corned beef sandwich and some ratatouille, and I would gladly have traded either of these meals for a bit of Tony's horse cock soup. I mean, honestly, you only live once, and if it was really quite tasty, you'd probably become fast friends with your local Santeria butcher-priest.