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Friday, September 30, 2005

People are telling me where to move.

Well, many postcards have come in! Thank you for those. As it stands now, I am either moving to Boston or Austin. Or this one place in New York that is purportedly quite great. Additionally, I may move to my own house, as I took out a bit of insurance and sent myself a hundred postcards with my own ZIP code on them. (moving can be quite expensive)

On a weekend diversion we took a tour of local open houses and there is a fantastic parcel for sale just one mile from here, in Redwood City. It's a cozy old joint, with nooks and crannies, built in the 1930s. It's got all the bathrooms and bedrooms you could ever simultaneously make use of, but the real sparkler is the half-acre lot. I'd get out the old checkbook but the place is listed at $1.6M, and it needs about a hundred grand in upgrades before it qualifies as "inhabitable." Is this the price one must pay in order to have one's children ride bikes among the children of those who thought up the colors in the Google logo? Apparently.

I sure hope that the people who dreamed up red, yellow and blue are sleeping well tonight. And I hope that the guy who chose "serif" is sleepily enjoying the idea that I cannot afford to be his neighbor. Because I would sure as shit throw a hard, spoiled salami through his window as soon as I closed escrow. I hate computer people, and I will hit them with my inexpensive car, .