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Sunday, August 15, 2004

County Fair

We did two unusual things today (Sunday):

1. We went to get yogurt. This isn't a big thing with us, but since it's summertime we've been popping around in the car and getting little "soft-servs" once in a while, usually with crumbled Reese's Cups or Butterfinger (in my case).

2. We went to the fair. We wouldn't normally have done this but while we were eating our yogurts we read the small local newspaper, and there was this story about a fancy high-dive event at the fair. One thing led to another and soon we were strolling into the fairgrounds, having paid $25 for the car and admission.

I got a foot-long with ketchup and mustard, and Liz got a lemonade from Hot Dog On A Stick. We played around at getting a funnel cake, but we both felt that on the balance it would be regrettable. In the end, we watched the high-dive and then some piglet racing. It was really cute to see the piglets race around the oval track in the deep sawdust. The whole event was well produced.

Unlike most fairs, I did not go home in a deep depression. Things were generally on the up and up and the nadirs of human ambition were not readily evident.

I am glad that we went to the fair today.