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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

REI Womb

Well, our shoulder sling thing that I carry the baby in while I work isn't from REI, but it looks sporty/cargo-ish. If Geoff Probst had a baby and needed to take it to the Survivor set, he would carry it in one of these. "Survivors, please take care of my baby for 8-10 hours while I catch up on rest. You all have immunity and you win the Texas hamburger bar."

She is pretty happy to sleep in there, since out of all of the things in the world so far it's the one that most resembles the cramped quarters of a placenta bag (only it doesn't smell like a hot butcher shop).

Is there an "exploratorium" in your city? San Francisco has one. There are all these crazy scientific displays. It'd be cool if an exploratorium filled a bunch of inflatable river rafts with hot Beef-flavored Jell-O, then dumped them into a big pool of exactly the same density of hot loose Beef Jell-O, and then dumped your naked body into it. Also, instead of not having a strip of hot liver under your nose, you would have one. The exhibit could be called "I'm Baby!" and there could be photos. Please call me, Mayor Gavin Newsome or Exploratorium Staff, to discuss royalty structures.