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Friday, March 11, 2005


Our Limoncello recipe turned out pretty well, but it needed a lot of time. The way it works is you buy two handles of good vodka, a fifth of everclear, pour it over maybe eight ounces (dry weight) of big lemon zest peels (use a carrot peeler), and let it steep for a few months. Then mix in the same volume of simple syrup and let sit a few more months. When this batch finished in January it was pretty crude, but now that it's March the stuff is a lot smoother and you can drink it straight over ice.

The main interesting thing about making our own Limoncello is that when we were at BevMo buying all the liquor we ran into one of our local post office clerks, who was buying a case of non-alcoholic beer. He was wearing a denim baseball jacket with ecru leather sleeves.

There are apparently two paths in life down which one can go.