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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Have you ever been so tired that your head got really hot?

Today's main thing is that I am so tired my head is hot. Or maybe my head's hot because it's about to rain. I need to finally just sit down and make an index of the different non-intuitive things that my body does in response to certain conditions. It would start out something like this:

1. Head too hot: extreme exhaustion (or, it will rain)

2. Left knee is sore: the laser printer is about to run out of toner

3. Right ear canal itches: haven't practiced "home-row" skills in a while and am in danger of reverting to "hunt and peck" technique

4. Beard but not head dandruff: impending anxiety about the decisions I have made in life (I don't have a beard, so this one is theoretical)

The body is a complex, miraculous thing that gives us reams of feedback we never pick up on or interpret. Sit still and close your eyes for a moment and see what the first thing you notice is. It may be that your pants are uncomfortable, or that your heart is dying, or that you are digesting pork. There! There it is. Your body's unmistakable feedback.

Our cargo-pockets are so laden with dozens of sizes of iPods, cell phones, hip-top "sidekicks," Blackberries, and Palms, that we are distracted from the subtle signals our bodies give us. Try what I do, and pass a magnifying glass over your forearm in a lukewarm shower once a week. I find this really helps me get centered.