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Friday, August 20, 2004

Full English Breakfast

I went shopping this evening to find as many ingredients as I could for the "full English breakfast" we got at every bed & breakfast in which we stayed in the UK. I became really enamored of it, but I figured it was a kind of novelty act put on for tourists, since it's so extravagant. Fine with me. We were walking about fifteen miles a day in order to meet our goal of getting caught in the rain as much as possible—while buying $8USD Pret-a-Manger boxed sandwiches and $13USD pints of cream ales—a nice breakfast was one of my few solaces. Here's how the "full English breakfast" averages out between Edinburgh, London and points between:

• triangular hash brown patty

• "streaky" bacon, which is like a thin slice of ham

• a sausage or two

• a coddled egg (hard-boiled but yolk still runny)

• 18 pieces of toast, but more if you need it

• "Marmite," which is God's way of saying "Sorry for all the toast"

• sweet beans

• a heated tomato slice

Nice, on the whole, and good setup for a day of walking. I can't wait to cue it all up whenever it is that the MedEvac helicopters wake me up tomorrow (we live very near a hospital, which is handy if one eats many full English breakfasts).