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Monday, January 17, 2005

Subject : Re: Which Clash album did you want?

To : Gideon Krauss-Finkelman <gid_the_yid@gmail.com>
Subject : Re: Which Clash album did you want?
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Yes, I did receive the discs in the post just the other day. Thank you. Tonight I put them all on my computer (? ? ) and started to play them. There were 546 songs! I was excited to get to hearing them, so I started the player, and the first song started. It is by my personally appreciated band, The Magnetic Fields. Up 'til now I only had his "Get Lost" album, plus a couple others, so I know what a crapshoot this guy is. However, about 1:16 into the first song of his you included, I can see he is on his A-game here. I don't know if there is a better compliment I could give to a friend who has sent music to another friend.

Sorry about Max and Crane. They can be like a dog sometimes.

- Mrs. Patterson, Your Teacher Who Died

On Sun, 16 Jan 2005, Gideon Krauss-Finkelman wrote:
>> Did you get the CDs I sent along? I am wondering about whether you got them.
>> I am in Tahoe. Crane and Max have spent forty-eight straight hours
>> throwing snowballs at a small fire hydrant sign.
>> G