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Monday, January 24, 2005

New Desk

I have a new desk, in a new room. It is a fancy IKEA tall workstation with shelves above my head (when I am sitting) and it fits neatly into a corner of our front office. I think it is called THE GRÜMH unit or something very similar. The fancy nice printer is on my right, and on my left is a rolly-cabinet in which I store painting supplies, some sketches, and fan mail from 2002. Do you want to read a list of all the electronic gizmos I have on my desk? I never thought of myself as a gizmo person but here are all my gizmos:

1. Digital snapshot camera (2.0 megapixels)
2. Cellular telephone (Samsung)
3. Small but powerful digital video camera (mini "d-v" format?)

Huh. It seemed like a lot more gizmos when I was setting up the desk. I actually brought #3 in and set it down after I made the two-item list, just to flesh things out. I am not counting the scanner as a gizmo, because it is not a sexy little thing I can sport in public.

Oh, man. I completely forgot to mention that my monitor is a flat panel display, and my keyboard is wireless. Here's a haiku I wrote about the Gizmo Lifestyle:

Life is sweet
The gizmos are sweet
Who downloaded Crash Test Dummies
Onto my computer