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Friday, September 10, 2004

I rescued the day with orzo.

Liz was pretty famished last night when she got home from work, so I did a "pantry pasta" with the odds and ends that were on hand. I started sautéeing a sweet white onion in olive oil, with a lot of minced garlic, and when that stuff was a little golden I threw in some pine nuts and chili flakes. Meanwhile I boiled some orzo. When the orzo was done I threw some kalamata olives and minced rosemary into the onion/garlic to heat up, then threw the orzo in. Then I threw in about two golf balls' worth of chevre, a glug of olive oil, a handful of chopped parsley, and stirred it until the chevre had melted and coated all the orzo. Pretty good for a kitchen that looked like it only contained a jar of Emerald Nuts and coffee filters. We can usually do pretty well on pantry days since we buy so much food that we don't need all the time.