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Monday, August 30, 2004

Full English Breakfast redux.

Since this place has been a den of thieves lately, I put a little cooler in the bedroom and stocked it with ingredients for Full English Breakfast. I have bangers, triangular hash brown patties, eggs, "rashers" of bacon, toast, marmite, tomato, baked beans, and fresh ground coffee. Today for dinner I made my first proper Full English Breakfast.

It took about seventeen pots and pans, since everything cooks at different times, but in the end it was heavy bliss on a plate. When I was done I couldn't have eaten another one, but since a few of the crooks were about I practiced the timing by cooking a few more up for them. Téodor, Lyle and Mr. Bear enjoyed hot plates of the good stuff and gave it rave reviews. I think Téodor was pretty high, because he called Roast Beef as soon as he started eating and told him to come over, so I made another plate for him. Usually Beef is pretty uncomfortable and by-the-book polite but he laid into that plate like there was no one else in the room. I don't think he even said Thank You. That's a big thing for Beef. It made me kind of happy.