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Thursday, July 08, 2004

More Risotto.

I think Téodor's steamed at me. He's resolutely been making risotto for lunch and dinner every day since I made that crack about him never making anything else. The thing is, it's always really good. Tonight was fava/heirloom tomato/leek risotto with shredded rotisserie chicken. It was really nicely flavored, and it turns out he used this Basque technique of moistening the rice with puréed sweet corn and broth instead of just broth.

He said that tomorrow for lunch he's going to mix some beaten egg and bread crumbs into the leftover risotto, shape it into cakes, dredge them in egg and parmesan, and fry them brown and crisp. Apparently if he serves them over a tomato/gorgonzola/arugula salad, it will be quite tasty. I have to agree, but...does he win?