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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Losing a shadow

When I was young I had this Hardy Boys book that wasn't part of the main series, it was the "Hardy Boys' Detective Handbook" or something like that. It was basic information on how to be a detective, and one of the sections was how to lose someone who's following you on foot. Today I walked into town to get something to eat, and I used all the techniques, just to make sure Téodor wasn't on my tail. I left the house going in the wrong direction, checked over my shoulder on long blocks, ran short ones, stopped to talk to a cop (fortunately it was officer King, who handled that drunk driver that landed in my front yard, so we just chatted about things), etc.

When I was satisfied that he wasn't behind me I went to a restaurant I've never been to before, this hole in the wall sushi place on an alley downtown, and sat in a corner facing out. I had a deep-fried spicy scallop roll (like spicy tuna, but minced scallop in a creamy Sriracha sauce), miso soup, salad with a peanut dressing, and a ton of salted edamame. I even had an Asahi to calm me down. It was immensely satisfying after yesterday's starvation diet. I walked home on a more normal route, but still kept my wits about me lest Téodor leap out from a doorway holding a sharpened spoon and a sock filled with arborio or some other such risotto-related weaponry.