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Friday, December 03, 2004

Some observations on the day.

Our waitress at lunch had very thick wrists and hands. She seemed nice.

I paid $7 for a glass of wine. We were celebrating a good week. It was Pinot Noir, and it was alright.

My meal, tortelloni with smoked chicken, spinach and mushroom jus, was quite tasty. I didn't eat mushrooms until I was about college age. I considered them little slimy nuisances that I fished out of Chinese soups, or off-tasting chunks that I picked out of diner salads. I didn't enjoy tomatoes, avocado, or seafood much until then either. Maybe during college I was exposed to some sort of chemical or radiation.

We got the dog a toy that looks like a buckyball, and we stuck other, smaller toys inside it so that she can be entertained as she tries to get them out.

This afternoon while I was thinking I remembered that we saw Chris Isaak perform last night. He seems like a good man.