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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Tense week recap

So, here were the things causing me stress last week:

1. Téodor seemed to be making an offensive salvo in the "risotto" war

2. I had to cancel my book deal because I wasn't happy with the outcome

3. The Presidential election was looking grim

4. The baby gender sonogram was coming up

5. Mr. Bear missing, not paying rent

6. Unhealthy-looking front lawn.

Here's where they stand this week:

1. No action on the risotto front. Tension rises.

2. Book deal formally canceled

3. The Presidential election was won by a person who'd rather see a soldier die than a zygote

4. The damn kid had its legs crossed

5. Mr. Bear still missing, still not paying rent

6. It looks like there used to be a tulip patch where we put our front lawn. Man does that look stupid.

Oh well, at least my kid's safe from George Bush for the next few months. Unless they figure out a way to put tiny Jack Chick tracts into the amniotic sac.